Shenyang No.2 Sino-Canadian High School 

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Frank Tenur: 2018


Hello, I am Dr. Frank Covey an experienced Nova Scotia teacher, principal, and education consultant. I had worked for 34 years in Nova Scotia schools and have now been associated with the Nova Scotia Sino-Canadian Program for 11 years. I am pleased to now serve as the International Education Director for York International Group, Inc. During my Nova Scotia government tenure, I was the Director, International Programs and had the privilege to officially open the Shenyang No.2 High School Sino-Canadian Program in 2007. I am looking forward to being back in Shenyang again and a contributing member of the Sino-Canadian Program community.


Gregory Tenur: 2011

I have found working at Shenyang No. 2 High School to be both an edifying and a fulfilling experience, both professionally and personally.

In professional terms, teachers and administration have consistently demonstrated their shared commitment to creating an environment that is conducive to student learning. The results have been fantastic. Students here have been excelling in all aspects of academic life, from their coursework to their extracurricular activities to their genuine appreciation of what it means to be a lifelong learner. As a first-year teacher, I cannot imagine a better school in which to work: students are always well-behaved and respectful of their teachers; classroom management issues do not exist here; and the administration has never wavered in its support of teachers. This development of a positive learning community, based on shared goals in education, has been instrumental to my own personal growth as an individual.

In personal terms, I was, frankly, surprised by the ease with which I adapted to this unique learning environment. I had never visited China before, nor had I ever spent such a long time away from familiar surroundings. Yet, I had never the experienced the “trough” that most first-year teachers experience – indeed, it has been a very comfortable initiation to the teaching profession. I am always looking forward to coming back for the next term.

Steve Tenur: 2013 

Teaching in China has been an enjoyable experience with an inclusive group of excellent teachers, a supportive administration, good accommodations, and a variety of nutritious food. The weather is just like Ottawa, but without the volumes of snow or variability.

I was pleasantly surprised at the intensity of learning displayed by the some of the students and their dedication to getting better. This has made my experience rewarding and enjoyable. All the students are respectful and polite.

My approach at Sino-Canadian program has been to relay Nova Scotia’s curriculum and help the students increase their English language comprehension as well as their study skills to make the transition to post secondary studies in North America smoother.

Nathan Tenur: 2017

Andrew Tenur: 2016

Sonia Tenur: 2015

I am a self-motivated person who finds teaching as a very fulfilling profession. After thirteen years in the field I was promoted as head of the Mathematics Department in one of the secondary schools in the Philippines. I was tasked to do supervisory and administrative duties by my superiors. Aside from these, I was often involved by the Department of Education to write materials and train teachers to help enhance the mathematics curriculum.

My involvement in different organizations, especially in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), helped broaden my horizons and helped prove what I am capable of.

Kathir Tenur: 2014

Cecilia Tenur: 2017

Paul Tenur: 2017

Tom Tenur: 2016