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SCC welcomes its alumni warmly. Alumni include previous graduates as well as staff and faculty members who were once part of the program. SCC has always welcomed previous graduates who wish to come back and give their testimonial  for the wonderful time they have spent here.

If you are an alumni, you can browse this section of the website and look back at your experience here at SCC. You can also get in touch with your classmates, share your pictures or update old friends with your latest news.

Speakers are invited to give a speech during the Opening Ceremonies at the beginning of the year and the Graduation Assembly at the end of the year. If you wish to participate in these, please feel free to contact and notify the school administration. Moreover, alumni are encouraged to remain in contact for any advice they may be able to offer our current students and make their transition easier. They could also instruct and coach our students re their course selection and career options.

Staying in touch will have a twofold advantage. First, it will revive your precious high school memories at SCC. Second, it helps our students make informed choices about their post-secondary education and future plans.