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"Who" and "What"  is involved in College Counseling 

The College Counseling Department at Shenyang No. 2 Sino-Canadian High School provides career and college advising to the students from Grades 10- 12.   The department is spearheaded by Alice Cokeng who is  Director with the assistance by Grace Yang Li who is on the ground always  making sure that students' needs are well attended.

Alice visits and maintains a good relationship with colleges and universities in Canada as well as  the United States.  She pays regular visits to the schools in order to identify the ones that are the best fit for her students. She participates in  annual college admissions conferences and is an active member of OACAC (Overseas Association for College Admissions Counseling).  

Oftentimes, she will  pay visits to alumni ,  making sure that they are doing well and are happy with their choice of schools.  She extends a helping hand to those who are encountering any difficulties by providing advices.  Thus, her counseling work is a "never-ending" process .  

The Counseling Office helps students navigate the college and career search as well as assists with  the application process .  Initial meetings with parents and students are held in October of each year.  Since our Chinese  parents have never gone  through the same process themselves but still play a critical role in the college decision process,  the office ensures that parents are also educated and made aware of the current college admission processes in overseas institutions which is quite different from China's own  "gaokao" system.  

College counselors meet individually with students and parents . During these meetings,  the students' academic record, interests and goals are discussed.   It is during these meetings when the counselors seek to learn more about the students' personal and academic interests along with their career aspirations.  These meetings help  clarify any misconceptions and myths which  students and parents may have .  The counseling office also puts in  an extra effort  in making sure that parents are aware of the ethical aspects related with  the application process.

Each year,  the College Counseling Office  invites and welcomes admissions representatives to visit the school.  Students in Grades 10-12 are encouraged to attend these presentations in order to learn more about the different choices of post-secondary institutions .  Students are made to take an proactive role  by asking individual questions.  Embassy representatives are also invited to visit and explain the intricacies of studying in a foreign country.  

At the end of each year,  before students head off to their final choice of schools,  an orientation meeting is  held for anxious parents which focuses on issues such as things to bring,  helping students manage their money, adjusting to school life, living away from home, student visa issues , etc.   School alumnae are invited to speak to parents and provide answers "first-hand" to any questions parents may have. This greatly  helps to alleviate  concerns  which most  parents are experiencing.