Shenyang No.2 Sino-Canadian High School 

| Shenyang No.2 High School Sino-Canadian Classes

Main Campus, 1949

Shenyang No.2 High School (South Campus) is one of the most reputable public high schools in Liaoning Province with 54 classes of senior high school students (around 2500 students) since 1949.

Its mandate is to provide first class teaching & campus facilities and to graduate top students for China. It has been ranked by China Ministry of Education as the top national senior high School in China.

It has graduated over 20,000 students. The acceptance rate of its graduates to China’s universities is consistently one hundred percent in the  recent years with ninety four percent  entering China’s top universities.

New Campus, 2007

The new campus located in the Shenbei New District  was built in 2007.  It was a big step to building a state-of-the art and the most modern international senior high school in China. It is thirty  minutes by car from the main campus located in the downtown core. The total area is comprised of 238  acres with total costs exceeding CDN$30 million.