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Past Principals


Teaching English 12 at Shenyang No. 2 High School Sino-Canadian Program has been a rewarding experience in many ways. The students are constantly aspiring to do their absolute best and are willing to do whatever work is necessary to improve their skills. Their desire to be as prepared as possible for university abroad in Canada or the U.S. makes them the most motivated students I have ever worked with. Therefore I am constantly challenged to find the most effective ways to teach them so that their skills improve as much as possible. It’s a wonderful experience for any teacher to have such responsive students and it reminds me of the reasons I chose to become a teacher years ago.

I also enjoy the opportunity to work with other foreign colleagues and the Chinese support and administrative staff. People work hard here to welcome us and make us feel more comfortable in our new living situation, far from our familiar homes.

Living in China has been an amazing experience, even in the short time I’ve been here. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the culture through local activities and some travel. I’m looking forward to learning more about this beautiful country and its people during my time here.

Frank Interim Principal: 2018

Hello, I am Dr. Frank an experienced Nova Scotia teacher, principal, and education consultant. I had worked for 34 years in Nova Scotia schools and have now been associated with the Nova Scotia Sino-Canadian Program for 11 years. I am pleased to now serve as the International Education Director for York International Group Inc. and the Interim Principal at the Shenyang No.2 High School Sino-Canadian Program. During my Nova Scotia government tenure I was the Director of International Programs and had the privilege to officially open the Shenyang No.2 High School Sino-Canadian Program in 2007. I am looking forward to being back in Shenyang again and being a contributing member of the Sino-Canadian Program community.

Ron Tenure: 2009-17

I have been principal here for the past five years and enjoy my work very much. Like any administrative job , it has its ups and downs. Working here at this school has been a joy and thus the reason for my staying here this long. The staff has been very supportive of me and they give me 100% all the time.

All of my teachers are accredited teachers from Canada and approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Education. The Chinese education system differs greatly from the Canadian system and melding both of them together makes for an interesting mixture. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and are very respectful of this Canadian system. The teaching and living facilities are very adequate and good. The respect by both Chinese teachers and students is astounding. Plus the helpfulness they give to me and my teaching staff is commendable. In general this has been a very positive and enjoyable experience for me and is one of the reasons why I have remained here so long. 

 Past Teachers

Merden Tenure: 2019-20

I consider my decision to teach mathematics here at the Sino-Canadian Program (SCP) of Shenyang No. 2 High School as one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire career. My service here has made me realize that I am at my happiest being a teacher than as a school head or supervisor.

When your students are as diligent, responsive, goal-oriented, and motivated as the SCP students of Shenyang No.2 High School, you feel so accomplished at the end of each day that all nostalgic vibes are assuaged. SCP students ‘s enthusiasm towards mathematics reminds me how I love teaching the subject! It is a source of joy when you see many students get persuaded that success in mathematics lies in hard work and resourcefulness, not high IQ. Seeing them understanding growth mindset is such a rewarding experience, for this means that I am not only teaching mathematics, I am also touching and influencing young lives.

As a Filipino teacher, I am grateful for this great opportunity to work with dynamic Canadian principal and teachers with admirable passion for education. The hospitality of Chinese staff makes working here in China a wonderful experience. I can say that Shenyang is another home.

Parvis Tenure: 2019-20

This is my first year at Shenyang No.2 High School. I wanted to go to China to experience and learn about a different culture. China was a culture shock for me, but it was a rewarding experience. 

Lori Tenure: 2018-19

This is my first year at Shenyang No. 2 High School as well as the first time I have ever been to China. Before coming to China, I was an English teacher in Canada for about 25 years.

This semester, I’m teaching drama to the Grade 10 students at Shenyang No. 2 High school. The students are enthusiastic, polite and well-behaved. Their energy and eagerness to learn makes teaching them a pleasure!

Transitioning to life in China has been fairly easy so far. The people are friendly, and there are many shops and restaurants close by, and the weather is quite similar to what I’m used to at home in Whitby, Ontario. I’m looking forward to learning more about China and Chinese culture, and learning to speak a little more Chinese while I am here.

Arnel Tenure: 2018-19

Students have great respect for their teachers. They are very polite and engaged in my classroom activities. The students are so driven to learn, they exceed more than they are expected of them. Students here make teaching fun and a joyful experience. The school has a beautiful facility and very conducive to learning. The support staffs are very friendly and helpful, from school needs to personal accommodations. The cafeteria offers a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine.

Andrew Tenure: 2016-19


My name is Andrew. I was born in Sierra Leone, Africa but, have lived most of my life in Canada. I attended high school in Victoria, British Columbia. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science from the University of Victoria with a double major in Mathematics and English. I later obtained a Bachelor of Secondary Education from The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta. Upon graduating from The King’s University, I started working at Shenyang No. 2 High School. While teaching at this school I have had the privilege of working with a great team of teachers and administrative staff, who I can call friends. My experience at Shenyang No. 2 High School has been wonderful and I cannot be any happier. The students are great and staff members are welcoming. In fact, my experience in China so far has really been a blessing and I highly recommend Shenyang No. 2 High School to anyone hoping to join our team.

Best Wishes, 


Sonia Tenure: 2015-19

Teaching in China was the best experiences of my life. I was completely amazed the first day I entered the school grounds. The school is so beautiful and huge! The facilities are so comparable to that of a university.

My students made my first three years in Shenyang No. 2 High School so meaningful. Their discipline especially in studying made each day for me so challenging. The Canadian and Chinese administrative staff are so supportive and sensitive to every teachers’ needs.

I love this school!

Gregory Tenure: 2012-18

I have found working at Shenyang No. 2 High School to be both an edifying and a fulfilling experience, both professionally and personally.

In professional terms, teachers and administration have consistently demonstrated their shared commitment to creating an environment that is conducive to student learning. The results have been fantastic. Students here have been excelling in all aspects of academic life, from their coursework to their extracurricular activities to their genuine appreciation of what it means to be a lifelong learner. As a teacher, I cannot imagine a better school in which to work: students are always well-behaved and respectful of their teachers, classroom management issues do not exist here, and the administration has never wavered in its support of teachers. This development of a positive learning community, based on shared goals in education, has been instrumental to my own personal growth as an individual.

In personal terms, I was, frankly, surprised by the ease with which I adapted to this unique learning environment. I had never visited China before, nor had I ever spent such a long time away from familiar surroundings. Yet, I had never the experienced the “trough” that most first-year teachers experience – indeed, it has been a very comfortable initiation to the teaching profession. I am always looking forward to coming back for the next term.

Steve Tenure: 2013-18

Teaching in China has been an enjoyable experience with an inclusive group of excellent teachers, a supportive administration, good accommodations, and a variety of nutritious food. The weather is just like Ottawa, but without the volumes of snow or variability.

I was pleasantly surprised at the intensity of learning displayed by some of the students and their dedication to getting better. This has made my experience rewarding and enjoyable. All the students are respectful and polite.

My approach at The Sino-Canadian program has been to relay Nova Scotia’s curriculum and help the students increase their English language comprehension as well as their study skills to make the transition to post secondary studies in North America smoother.

Nathan Tenure: 2017-18

This is my first year teaching at Shenyang No. 2  High School and my first year in China. Before coming to SCP, I taught for 3 years in the United States. You will not find better students than the ones we have here. They are smart, motivated, and respectful. It is truly a pleasure to teach them every day. 

The school and our apartments are in Shenbei, a suburb of Shenyang. It is a quiet area where locals rarely see foreigners, so we are sometimes treated like celebrities. There are many Chinese restaurants and a grocery store near where we live along with a street market. In Shenyang, one can find many western food, shopping, and many entertainment options. We are approximately 75 minutes by bus and 45 minutes by cab to downtown depending on traffic. 

I believe China is a great place for foreigners. The people here are incredibly kind and accepting. I spend many weekends traveling and the opportunity to explore and learn about the culture has been one I will never forget. 

Cecilia Tenure: 2017-18

This is my first year at Shenyang No. 2 High School and it has been a pleasure teaching Biology 12 and Science 10 to a group of wonderful, respectful, and hard-working individuals through the Sino-Canadian program. Although this is my first time teaching outside of Canada, the school, Canadian and Chinese staff, and welcoming students have made the transition very smooth and enjoyable. Throughout this short time, I have had multiple opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, and I appreciate the supportive teaching environment that allows me to explore different teaching strategies and activities in order to engage students in the sciences. All in all, I look forward to continue working alongside our students, as we prepare them for further education in Canada.

Tom Tenure: 2016-18

A native of Kingston, ON and a Queen’s University graduate, I have taught high school English, ESL, and Teacher-Librarianship in Niagara Falls, Thorold, Mississauga, Toronto, and Ottawa over the past three decades and also enjoyed teaching at some post-secondary schools in Nantes, France in the late 1990’s. My classroom experience with Grade 11 and 12 English students here at SCP during the past two years has been delightful.

Kathir Tenure: 2017- 18

My name is Kathir. I have a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, with a focus on Laser Spectroscopy. My in-depth understanding of Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics combined with my enthusiasm for these subjects allow me to create an optimal learning environment in my classroom and provides an integrated approach to learning. Fostering a balanced learning environment provides students with the opportunity to make connections across the curriculum and with the world around them. My teaching often involves innovative problem solving and pushes students to understand these subjects on a deeper level; as opposed to a purely mechanical application of the subject. Canadian teachers in this school are supported by a high quality curriculum provided with the necessary resources for teaching and learning. I have been working with Chinese students in Canada and in China for over 25 years and experienced tremendous success with them as an educator. It has been a pleasure to teach Physics to highly motivated, talented and diligent students while working with both Chinese and Canadian administrators and teachers of the Nova Scotia, Sino-Canadian Program of Shenyang No.2 High School.

Brandon Tenure: 2011-15

Being a teacher at SCP has been a great experience for me. SCP promotes and inspires learning in a warm and caring environment. The Canadian curriculum at SCP is organized to promote quality education for learners. Students are getting a strong education foundation to further their study in Canada. The school allows me to put my Canadian teaching skills into practice. This allows me to explore my teaching creativity and help maximize learning for every students in my class. It has been an amazing experience both for me and my students.

Jocelyn Tenure: 2013-16

The students studying in the Sino-Canadian program at Shenyang No. 2 High School are academically exceptional. They are highly motivated and strive for excellence in all aspects of their studies. While cooperative, experiential and inquiry-based learning are difficult for the students to grasp at first, these students do come to appreciate the intellectual rigor of the program. Another unique aspect of this program is that the Canadian staff work collaboratively with the Chinese staff. Each Canadian teacher works closely with their Chinese subject counterpart in order to ensure that the students develop a good understanding of the course objectives and outcomes. As a teacher, this teaching environment enables you to experiment and refine your teaching toolset.

Living in China is an adventure. This country has a lot to offer for both the novice and avid traveler from the natural wonders of Yunnan to the cosmopolitan flare of Shanghai to the historical grandeur of Beijing. The tastes of China are equally spectacular from the spiciness of Sichuan cuisine to the freshness of Cantonese food. China is home to dumplings, noodles and so much more.

Gabriela Tenure: 2013-15

On a quiet spring afternoon, two years ago, I received a call that changed my life as a teacher. I was doing occasional teaching at that time; it wasn’t something that a high-tech professional with a background in math, physics and technology would be happy.

I didn’t hesitate when I was asked if I am interested in teaching Mathematics in China; over the last 30 years the Chinese students have been dominating the International Mathematical Olympiads with an astonishing number of 134 gold medals in 29 participation.

I was not disappointed and I signed the contract for a second teaching year. The teaching conditions are excellent; the classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, high speed wireless internet, there is an English library, a resource room, a computer lab and printers, all for us and our students. The access to the copier machine is unlimited and the service, provided by qualified personnel, is very fast.

Our students are motivated, enthusiast and very polite. Class discipline is not an issue. We have supporting Chinese staff who are very kind and happy to help us in any situation. The leadership of the SCC school is also very supportive and carrying, with just the right balance of supervision, directions and freedom to choose how to implement the Canadian curriculum in the classroom.

I like the generous, bright spaces in our school, and the vast school yard which is more like a park; the school is placed in a quiet area, and our residence is at only 10-15 minutes walking distance.

My Canadian colleagues are excellent people, well qualified and willing to share their expertise. I never felt alone or isolated. 

Teaching in China has been one of my happiest moments in recent time; it gave me a lot of satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment. The only regret is that I didn’t know about this program earlier.

Mohamed Tenure: 2014-18

“Seek knowledge even if you have to go as far as China” is the oldest reference to China that I can remember. In the part of the world where I grew up, this proverb is so widespread that the first family member I informed about my plan to go to China said to me: So you are going to seek knowledge (wisdom) after all. And I guess I am.

When the opportunity to come teach in China materialized, I could not possibly refuse it so I embraced it wholeheartedly. I was elated, yet terrified. The elation I felt is still with me, but the terror did not last long. As soon as I came out of the Shenyang airport I was met by Mr. Ron, the Canadian Principal accompanied by Mr. Roy, The Chinese Director, and by Mr. Steve, the Chemistry teacher. The hug that Ron gave me made feel right at home and that helped dissipate my terror.

From then on, I received all the help I needed to get settled, to secure the residency permit, a cellular phone number and a bank card. The apartment is a mere 10 minute walk from the school and there is no stress getting to work on time.

After twenty winters spent in Canada, I can say that the winter of 2014-2015 had been the most clement. Sure, walking along Jong Jie when the Siberian (?) wind is blowing can be skull-chilling, but I will make certain I am wearing a Siberian “shapka”.

As all colleagues teaching at Shenyang No 2 High School will tell you, the students are very good. From my own point of view, these are the best students I have ever had the privilege to teach to. Sure enough, I have one reproach to address to some of them: They are too shy to speak in English, and when asked a question, their answer is often inaudible. When that happens, I usually ask the whisperers to step to the front and write their answer down. More often than not that does the trick.

Reflecting on the time I have spent at Shenyang, I acknowledge that it has been a very happy time for me: I have rediscovered that teaching to a naturally attentive audience can be a stress-free and rewarding experience.

I am looking forward to returning to Shenyang next year. When the time comes to pack my luggage, I will stash a few sturdy 3-ring binders, reams of letter size paper, my favorite references for the subject I will be teaching (hard-copy versions or scanned pdf files), a light 3-hole puncher, and one or two electrical adapters for my computer. The usual stuff for a teacher.

Lindsay Tenure: 2014-16

Teaching in China has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my teaching career. The decision to move from Canada to China was not an easy one for me to make, but I’m very glad that I chose to come here. I am very fortunate to be teaching Pre-Calculus and Calculus this school year. I am very impressed by the students’ commitment to learning and their appreciation and respect towards teachers. 

The students in this school are conscientious and take studying very seriously. Due to the caliber of our students, there are minimal discipline issues in the classroom. Working here has allowed me to try a variety of teaching techniques in my classes, and I am looking forward to executing new approaches during the next school year. I am truly honored to work in such a positive and supportive atmosphere - with both colleagues and students - where I can continually grow and become the teacher that I’ve always aspired to be.

Michelle Tenure: 2014-16

I have found teaching at SCC to be an edifying experience both professionally and personally. Professionally I have learned much from my students and through comparisons, by the students, between the Chinese educational structure and the Canadian or North American structure. 

This is my fist year teaching at SCC and the students are helpful, respectful and very motivated to grow and develop as learners and individuals.  The environment at the school allows you to get to know and understand the students better, with enough time to provide tailored instruction and assistance when it is required.

At first the Sino- Canadian program here is a little difficult for the students to adjust to. Here the focus is less on memorization, which the students excel at, and more about creative thinking processes, which are important for living and studying abroad or attending university.

The staff and faculty is amazingly well developed and the feeling of teamwork and cooperation are fostered in no small part by our principal. This is a wonderful place to work and is a great place where I have been able to expand my personal philosophy on education and learning processes.

I feel that traveling abroad expands one’s mind and opens us up to new experiences and new perspectives, traveling in China as well as the other places I have visited previously,  including Europe, Korea, Australia, Greece, Turkey have helped to broaden my understanding of humanity and myself .

Caitlin Tenure: 2014-16

This is my second year teaching in China, but my first year at Shenyang No. 2 High School. I love my job and getting to interact with such disciplined and engaged students. Working with them in both Grade 10 Drama and Science has provided me with a unique opportunity to help them develop a variety of skills both personally and academically. The students have also helped me grow as a teacher because they are so adventurous in the classroom and are willing to try almost anything with me.

Initially I was very hesitant to move to China, since I am from a very small town, but living in China has been a constant adventure. During my time here I have had many opportunities to travel and learn some of the millions of amazing things China has to offer. It seems each time I travel, instead of getting smaller; my list of destinations gets bigger. There is always something else to see!

Erinn Tenure: 2014-16

Teaching in China is never boring. Students spend a lot of time adjusting to the Canadian Education system and adjusting to speaking English. One important idea that students’ come to grips with is that “different does not mean wrong” and that ideas need support. Seeing this learning process in action is highly rewarding.

Living in China presents many opportunities for travel and learning about cultures other than my own. China is a beautiful country with many sights and landmarks to see. Travelling the country is valuable because it allows for time for personal reflection and growth.

Alex  Tenure: 2011-14

Teaching in China has been a very positive experience for me. I have found the Shenyang No.2 High School staff very helpful in getting me accustomed to life in China. Teaching ESL students can be a challenge at times, but the students we teach are driven to improve their English skills. Student’s willingness to do well in their studies has made teaching them a great pleasure.

The living accommodations are functional and only 10 mins away from the school, which is very convenient. I have enjoyed eating the food at the school, appreciated the variety of Chinese dishes they serve, especially the warm soy milk we get in the morning. Very tasty! 

On the weekends, we are about 1.25 hour away from the city by bus or 0.75-1 hour by taxi. There are many things to visit, explore, and buy such as imports like Peanut butter, coffee, spaghetti sauce etc. 

If you are open minded, flexible, and like Chinese food, teaching at Shenyang No.2 High School can be something to consider.

Evelyn Tenure: 2012-14

This is my first year at Shenyang Number 2 High School. I studied at the University of Calgary and have worked as a teacher for about 7 years. A year ago, my fiancé (Alex) announced to me that he had found a teaching position… but overseas in China! For one year, we Skyped and I got to learn a lot about the positive and negatives of China. On the upside, students work hard and are driven to succeed. On the downside, you’re away from friends in Canada and things randomly break all the time. But regardless, I decided to join Alex to work overseas! We got married over the summer, and shortly after our honeymoon, we were on an airplane, moving to China to teach! With his help, I had a smooth transition into Chinese culture, Chinese administrative procedures, and life in China.

This year I was assigned to teach Drama 10 and English 11. Drama 10 is very hands-on and requires a lot of participation, which students are not accustomed to here, but slowly they adapted and enjoyed the interaction. The class was a great joy to teach.

A great aspect of teaching overseas is that we have the opportunity to travel around China. Already I’ve visited more  than 10 cities in my short time here. The best part is getting to try all sorts of different foods!

David Tenure: 2012-14

I enjoy teaching at Shenyang No. 2 High School North Campus because it is in a quiet and relatively isolated location to the north of the city. The students are friendly and very polite. Because the school is relatively small, teachers get to know most of the students and have time to provide extra help whenever it is asked for. There is a strong emphasis on academic achievement but students are also given the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as volleyball, singing and public speaking. I believe the curriculum provides an excellent preparation for those students who wish to attend a Canadian University. 

Nashira Tenure: 2013-14

As someone who has long dreamed of visiting China and experiencing its culture and history firsthand, it is amazing to find myself walking those very streets today. It was a difficult decision to come here and leave family and friends behind, but the satisfaction I get from doing what I love is incredible.

I’ve been teaching in various capacities for almost 7 years and completed an Honors B.A. in Creative Writing at York University and a Bachelor of Education in English at the University of Toronto. I was an editor of a literary journal for several years and have had two chapbooks of poetry published in Canada. I continue to do freelance editing and copy writing while in China and have been able to balance everything well so far. This is due in no small part to the support I receive from the excellent teachers I work with in the Sino-Canadian program and from our principal Ron who works tirelessly to ensure we have everything we need.

While it is true that the students here struggle in some ways to adjust to a “Canadian” classroom, one would be hard-pressed not to adore them. Their diligence, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn is refreshing and I genuinely look forward to seeing their faces every day.

Antonio Tenure: 2013-14/ 2019

My name’s Antonio and I graduated with an (Hons) B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Western Ontario a long time ago. A wide variety of adventures and jobs in the “real world” followed over the next 7 years, and then I decided to return to school and train to be a teacher at Nipissing in North Bay. Eventually I got a full time position, but after 11 years of teaching high school English in Ontario I decided to live and teach overseas, and I’ve been doing that for the past decade. Korea, Malaysia, Venezuela, and now China---all have been fascinating places and experiences. Despite the different challenges posed by students in these countries, there’s been one key similarity: they’ve been a true delight.

The students in the Sino-Canadian Program here at Shenyang #2 High School have earned my respect because of the extremely difficult set of academic circumstances they face: classes in both Mandarin and English, long (very) school days, a ceaseless stream of tests and exams, etc. They succeed because they’re eager to learn and willing to work hard, and that makes teaching the pleasure it should be rather than the job it often is. I’ll be here for a while.

Colin Tenure 2008-12

Hello my name is Colin and I am in my 4th year teaching at Shenyang No. 2 High School.  I teach Grade 11 Canadian History and English Literature.  Previously I have taught Grade 10 Math, English, ESL and Advanced Grammar.  I enjoy teaching very much and my family and I like living here in China.  My wife Jessica, our two young daughters, Fiona and Alethia and our young baby boy Kieran all live in Shenyang.  I am certified to teach in the state of New York as well as in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Ontario.  I have been a teacher for six years.  Furthermore, I have employment experience in both the business world and the not-for-profit sector.  I believe the Sino-Canadian program is an excellent program for preparing Chinese students for studying abroad.

However, it was an adjustment teaching here in China.  Chinese students are very good at memorizing (which helps with studying History) but have had to learn to think more creatively in our Sino-Canadian classes.  I also think when they enter our program in-class group work is a newer experience for them.  Not only have I needed to adjust to the students, but Chinese students have needed to adjust to us foreign teachers.  We do things differently. For example, classroom management is a skill I developed in Canada while substitute teaching for 2 years.  In China the challenge is not in disciplining students but engaging the students, especially those who are struggling in developing their English language skills.  I have learned to speak more slowly and clearly, to repeat myself more often and to offer extra help to those students who need it.  I think Sino-Canadian program is a great program because of the superb staff (both Chinese and Canadian) that I work alongside of each day.  That’s why I come back here to teach each year!  

Kyle and Jocelyn Tenure: 2009-13

We are now in our fourth year teaching at Shenyang No.2 High School Sino-Canadian Program and I really enjoy working here.  When I first moved to China I didn’t know what to expect but the school staff was very friendly and helpful at helping me and my wife to adjust to live and teach in Shenyang.  The students in the Sino-Canadian Program are charged with the difficult task of studying all of their courses in their second language.  The students work very hard and many of them have become very successful.  The student body as a whole are a good natured group of hardworking students.  They are very respectful to their teachers and usually always have their work completed.  Overall, I have been pleasantly surprised by the school and the experience of being a teacher at Sino-Canadian Program.  It is a good environment for working and learning which is what makes us want to come back each year.

Vera Tenure: 2010-13

China is a country that is full of culture. To work here is a very interesting experience for me. People are friendly and helpful in Shenyang, especially students and Chinese teachers at Sino-Canadian Program in Shenyang No. 2 High School. They are excited about Canadian culture as well as sharing their own to us. Students at Sino-Canadian Program have positive attitude in learning and work hard to achieve their goals. They enjoy embracing with knowledge by different instructional styles. They grow as a comprehensive person gradually. The community where the school and teachers’ accommodation located is not very busy. It is convenient to local markets and restaurants. Food is delicious and cheap. The apartment is cosy as well. To live here with an open-mind is not too difficult at all. I enjoy this wonderful working and living experience in China. 

Jolene Tenure: 2010-12

The opportunity to teach in China was unexpected, but has brought me many new and interesting experiences. After one year at Shenyang No.2 High School Sino-Canadian Program and several challenges, I really appreciate the staff at the school and the support system offered by our principal.  Working together as a team to educate students at Sino-Canadian Program has been elemental to our success and school growth. The students are great and offer very few disciplinary problems, which is a nice change in comparison with typical North American classrooms. 

Our apartments are nicely furnished and a comfortable ten minute walking distance from the school. We also get a good opportunity to travel around China with several holidays including a longer period of time off during Chinese New Year.  I look forward to what the future of this year has in store.

Kaisar Tenure: 2011-12

When I came to Shenyang, I was worried at first about the new environment to which I had to adapt. Having never been to China, or not knowing anything about the Chinese culture or language, made me concerned about conducting my daily affairs, whether at work, in the market or even on the streets while commuting from one place to another.  Fortunately, all these fears were alleviated as a team of Canadian staff who had been here longer than I welcomed me.  Everyone was very helpful and eager to assist in any difficulty that came across my way as I was settling in.  This spirit of teamwork among the Canadian staff, including the principal, has been consistently evident both at work and at the place of residence.  At no point did I feel alone. The students at Shenyang No.2 High School are very respectful and positive at all times.  Together with a professional staff, they help create an environment where academia thrives and flourishes.  Classroom settings and teacher-student dynamics foster an environment conducive to learning, which in the end benefits the students greatly in their path towards higher learning.  The students’ consistent effort and steady interest will invigorate any teacher who has the slightest passion towards his profession.  This not only makes teaching at the school an enjoyable  experience, but it also motivates teachers to pour more vigorous effort into their lessons.