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Teaching English 12 at Shenyang No. 2 High School Sino-Canadian Program has been a rewarding experience in many ways. The students are constantly aspiring to do their absolute best and are willing to do whatever work is necessary to improve their skills. Their desire to be as prepared as possible for university abroad in Canada or the U.S. makes them the most motivated students I have ever worked with. Therefore I am constantly challenged to find the most effective ways to teach them so that their skills improve as much as possible. It’s a wonderful experience for any teacher to have such responsive students and it reminds me of the reasons I chose to become a teacher years ago.

I also enjoy the opportunity to work with other foreign colleagues and the Chinese support and administrative staff. People work hard here to welcome us and make us feel more comfortable in our new living situation, far from our familiar homes.

Living in China has been an amazing experience, even in the short time I’ve been here. I’ve had the opportunity to explore the culture through local activities and some travel. I’m looking forward to learning more about this beautiful country and its people during my time here.




My name is Andrew. I was born in Sierra Leone, Africa but, have lived most of my life in Canada. I attended high school in Victoria, British Columbia. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science from the University of Victoria with a double major in Mathematics and English. I later obtained a Bachelor of Secondary Education from The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta. Upon graduating from The King’s University, I started working at Shenyang No. 2 High School. While teaching at this school I have had the privilege of working with a great team of teachers and administrative staff, who I can call friends. My experience at Shenyang No. 2 High School has been wonderful and I cannot be any happier. The students are great and staff members are welcoming. In fact, my experience in China so far has really been a blessing and I highly recommend Shenyang No. 2 High School to anyone hoping to join our team.

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Students have great respect for their teachers. They are very polite and engaged in my classroom activities. The students are so driven to learn, they exceed more than they are expected of them. Students here make teaching fun and a joyful experience. The school has a beautiful facility and very conducive to learning. The support staffs are very friendly and helpful, from school needs to personal accommodations. The cafeteria offers a variety of delicious Chinese cuisine.


When I arrived in Shenyang 2 months ago, I felt very much at home. The climate is very similar to my hometown in Canada. The transportation system is also quite similar. After a week of being in Shenbei District of Shenyang, I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay. Then school started and I met my fellow colleagues. I began to think this was going to be pretty good after all.

Now, 6 weeks into the school year, I am thrilled to be a part of the teaching staff at Shenyang No. 2 High School. I have 87 grade 10 students that I love teaching. They are respectful, polite and enthusiastic learners. Everyday I arrive at work an hour early, just so I can hang out with my students. The leadership of school has been incredibly supportive. The support staff are constantly working to make my job and my life at Shenyang No. 2 High School easier and enjoyable as possible. I have Chinese teachers that are amazingly supportive of me and my students.

The cafeteria at Shenyang No.2 High School also treats us very well. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or supper the food is always excellent. The local restaurants also provide incredibly tasty local dishes at very low prices.

The concerns I had in August are a fading memory. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Shenyang No. 2 High School. I can see myself staying here for few more years.


While I've only been at "Sy2" for a few months, I can say that it's a good place to be! We have cool, clean (so far) air for China and live in a small town atmosphere I've come to feel a part of. The school is a modern well-kept facility and our Chinese co-teachers/ leaders are as dedicated and helpful as any I've encountered in China. Our pretty close small community of teachers - from a variety of backgrounds is led by an innovative Nova Scotia administrator. Whatsmore, it is a bonus that York International Group's management team is really approachable, personable and responsive." Like I said - a good place to be


The Shenyang No. 2 Sino-Canadian High School program attracts elite students from the Shenyang area. The students are well behaved, multi-talented and are greatly focused on attaining high academic grades. As a teacher with 35 years experience teaching Biology in Nova Scotia schools, I find these students extremely motivated to do well, so they can attend and become successful in the best post secondary North American universities. I enjoy thoroughly teaching in the Shenyang No. 2 Sino-Canadian High School program, and am delighted to be a part of the students’ secondary school journey.


This is my first year at Shenyang No. 2 High School as well as the first time I have ever been to China. Before coming to China, I was an English teacher in Canada for about 25 years.

This semester, I’m teaching drama to the Grade 10 students at Shenyang No. 2 High school. The students are enthusiastic, polite and well-behaved. Their energy and eagerness to learn makes teaching them a pleasure!

Transitioning to life in China has been fairly easy so far. The people are friendly, and there are many shops and restaurants close by, and the weather is quite similar to what I’m used to at home in Whitby, Ontario. I’m looking forward to learning more about China and Chinese culture, and learning to speak a little more Chinese while I am here.


My name is Paul Henderson and I am from Winnipeg, Canada. I have been teaching for a long time- some of it in Canada, and a lot of it overseas- in Greece, The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, 10 summers in England, and in China. Previously, I spent 8 years near Guangzhou. Most of my career has been spent teaching English, but also some other things. At the end of January this year, I had my first novel published- a work of historical fiction. It felt good for that to happen. Now I wait to make the best sellers list! I have enjoyed my teaching time in China, feeling like my work bears results. Teaching is demanding, but seeing students get hold of new ideas, explore their own ideas and feel comfortable in English is a great reward.


Teaching in Shenyang No. 2 High School is challenging, inspiring, and  life changing work. I learn a lot of new skills,  gain confidence and character by immersing myself in the language and values of a new culture. It keeps me well driven and inspires me to challenge myself. Everyday life here is a new learning experience for me. 


Teaching in China was the best experiences of my life. I was completely amazed the first day I entered the school grounds. The school is so beautiful and huge! The facilities are so comparable to that of a university.

My students made my first three years in Shenyang No. 2 High School so meaningful. Their discipline especially in studying made each day for me so challenging. The Canadian and Chinese administrative staff are so supportive and sensitive to every teachers’ needs.

I love this school!

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