Shenyang No.2 Sino-Canadian High School 

| Shenyang No.2 High School Sino-Canadian Classes

The main pedagogical method used in the Sino-Canadian program is Inquiry Based Learning (IBL).

 Knowledge and truth are obtained through questioning. It is by sparking their curiosity and pruning their questioning process that students acquire knowledge and growth. However, forming a well-rounded student requires more than following a rigid pedagogical paradigm that may or may not respond to the individual needs of every member of the student body. For this reason, the following comprehensive strategic plan is implemented in the Sino-Canadian program at Shenyang No.2 High School.

  • The program is committed to sparking the students’ interest in academic excellence by challenging their capabilities and strengths with carefully calibrated lesson planning and methods of evaluation and assessment.

  • The program is committed to offering a constant support and encouragement to students to make their progress as smooth and solid as possible.

  • The program is committed to focusing on mental and academic discipline, while also providing the students a healthy atmosphere of social bonding and gregariousness.

  • The program is committed to giving proper instructions and fostering realistic expectations that help students find a concrete and achievable vision of future hopes and aspirations.

  • The program is committed to an ongoing self-evaluation and reflection to maintain the best standards of student management and governance.