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Why Shenyang No. 2 High School Sino-Canadian Program?

The Sino-Canadian Program that Shenyang No. 2 High School (SY2) offers is a program that subsists within Shenyang No.2 High School. Those who attend this program and complete it, do not only receive a Canadian high school diploma, but they also obtain their Chinese high school diploma as well. The two curricula offer the students a choice of either applying to any western university of their choice or attending a notable Chinese university.

Shenyang No. 2 High School boasts in its ability to produce graduates who are successful in entering western universities. The first graduating class was produced in 2010. Every student from that class was able to enter a Canadian university. In the subsequent years, 90% of the graduating students were accepted into Canadian universities, while the remaining 10% entered universities from the USA, Australia, and the UK. These statistics prove that students attending SCC are on par with their North American counterparts, thereby making the program exceptionally successful in achieving its objectives and aims. Once in university, our students are able to survive and do exceptionally well in their academic pursuits.

This degree of success can only be attributed to the expertise of the staff at the Shenyang No. 2 High School. All teachers are certified from Canadian universities and have extensive experience in their individual subject fields. Moreover, the administrative routine provides the students with maximum efficiency in time-management. Aside from academic success, SY2 students are also prepared to engage other aspects of post-secondary education such as self-expression and social decorum.